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The LifeMAX® Desensitization Utility: Anti-Phobia Self-Help via Your Computer
The LifeMAX® Desensitization Utility is educational, self-help software for achieving relaxation and for diminishing phobias. Through its interactive format, the Utility teaches you in a simple, straightforward way the most widely accepted methods to relieve anxiety and diminish phobias.

Learn how to relax.
Relaxation Procedure is a specific behavioral procedure documented to relieve anxiety. It first was described as an antidote to anxiety by Dr. Jacobson at the University of Chicago in the late 1930's. The procedure uses a specific, verbal stimulus to elicit relaxation. In this Utility, the specific, verbal stimulus is the word “Relax”. With practice, you learn to respond to this stimulus by relaxing. By learning this time-honored method to achieve relaxation, you acquire a new skill — one that remains available to you across time and location. Mastering Relaxation Procedure allows you to reduce anxiety while in a wide variety of situations.

What is a phobia?
Phobia is a form of marked and persistent anxiety ...
• that most people consider unwarranted, inappropriate, and self-defeating
• that is without current, credible cause due to injury, illness, or drugs
• that is elicited by a particular event or situation (called a stimulus)
• that may be associated with panic attacks.

Are phobias harmful?
Yes. People often let phobias dictate the way they live their lives. Allowing a phobia to control your life can damage your career, impair your family life and friendships, and limit your leisure activities. Over the last 50 years, a behavioral approach called Desensitization, also known as Exposure Procedure, has been shown to be an effective technique to combat phobias. Fortunately, the procedure is straightforward and can be learned without difficulty by most individuals. The Utility teaches you how.

Learn how to control your phobia.
Gradual, repeated exposure to the stimulus was found to “desensitize” the individual to it, hence the name “desensitization”. Desensitization as a technique for relieving phobias was introduced in the mid-1950’s by Joseph Wolpe, M.D., a psychiatrist. Since its introduction, desensitization has gained widespread acceptance.
     Gradual, repeated exposure to the stimulus can be accomplished via the computer with the LifeMAX® Desensitization Utility, which brings desensitization into the 21st century. The Utility provides computer-based self-help for phobias. Using audio effects, it offers you instruction and practice facing your phobia in the comfort of your own home before doing so in actual reality.

Work at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.
Assuming a comfortable, seated position, you put on your headset and close your eyes. Using audio effects, the Utility allows you to picture in your own mind being in the actual, anxiety-eliciting situation. By visualizing the actual situation with the help of audio effects, you are able to achieve gradual, repeated exposure to the stimulus comfortably, privately, and at your own pace. The Utility offers graded series of items representing common, clinical phobias; 16 different phobias are addressed. Each phobia has its own series of 15 items.

How does the Utility work?
After mastering Relaxation Procedure, you expose yourself to the first item in the series representing your phobia. After exposure to this item, you practice Relaxation Procedure. You alternate between exposure and relaxation until you can visualize yourself in the situation with little or no anxiety. Then you move to the second item and so on. There are 15 items in any series. These items range from those that may elicit little or no anxiety to those that may elicit more intense anxiety. Working at your own pace, you expose yourself to the items over as many sessions as you require to complete the last item in the series with little or no anxiety. Each session lasts 45 minutes.

16 Common Phobias Are Addressed
The LifeMAX® Desensitization Utility addresses sixteen of the most common phobias.

  • blood • dogs • illness • rivers  
  • bridges • elevators • injury • social situations  
  • closed spaces • flying • open spaces • storms  
  • dirt • heights • public speaking • tunnels  

What if my phobia is not one of these 16?
There is a generic option that you can custom-tailor for yourself.

Track your progress.
The Utility automatically tracks your usage and starts each session where you stopped the last time. Upon your command, it prints progress reports showing the items you completed and the number of tries you made for each item in the series.

Operating System Requirements
The Utility operates on any Windows® NT-based OS; namely, Windows® NT 4.0, Windows® 2000, and Windows® XP. It will not operate on either Windows® 3.1 or Windows® 9x series.

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