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The LifeMAX® name traces its origin to 1974 when its parent company, founded by Gene Richard Moss, M.D., came into existence as a medical service corporation. Its primary focus has been in the area of mental healthcare with a biobehavioral orientation. Today, the LifeMAX® name applies to clinical and self-help software developed by LifeMAX® Systems and to in-office, clinical services provided by LifeMAX® Medical Group. Both are located in San Diego, California.

The Biobehavioral Orientation amalgamates biological science with behavioral science. The documented "gold standard" of treatment for anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders is biobehavioral. For more than a quarter-century, LifeMAX® has been a pioneer in developing and implementing biobehavioral treatment.

LifeMAX® Medical Group

LifeMAX® Medical Group specialized in computer-assisted, biobehavioral treatment of Anxiety and Fear Disorders, using the latest in clinical software — software developed by LifeMAX® Systems.

Computer-Assisted, Biobehavioral Treatment for Anxiety/Fear Disorders

  • Generalized Anxiety (i.e., worrying about everything)
  • Obsessions (e.g., recurrent, unwanted thoughts about health, money, school/work, or relationships)
  • Compulsions (i.e., recurrent, unwanted acts, such as checking, cleaning, or counting)
  • Eating Disorders (obesity, anorexia, and bulimia)
  • Phobias
    • Social Phobias (i.e., avoidance of interpersonal interactions, including public speaking)
    • Simple Phobias (e.g., avoidance of closed/open spaces, crowds, flying, height, illness, or medical/dental treatment)
  • Panic Disorder (characterized by palpitations, sweating, feeling of suffocation, sense of unreality, etc.)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (i.e., apprehension usually following illness, physical injury, or threat thereof)
  • Maladaptive Reactions to Life Events (e.g., overeating, alcohol/drug abuse, or insomnia in response to stressors, such as illnesses or marital difficulties)

Computers and Privacy

In an age characterized by the ubiquitous invasion of personal privacy, LifeMAX® Medical Group zealously protects privacy. It allows no Internet access to its records and does not release information without the patient's expressed, written permission.


LifeMAX® Systems

LifeMAX® Systems develops and licenses medical software for computerized patients’ records (medical/surgical/psychiatric) and for mental healthcare. The company has designed and implemented clinical programs across the spectrum of biobehavioral healthcare. It also has provided programmatic and administrative consultation to hospitals and clinics nationally and internationally.

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